Good Advice

I had a brilliant coach in my life who once told me that the things parents say to their kids is written in their minds with a Sharpie. In other words, your words stay forever – if you tell them they’re fat and lazy, they will always feel fat and lazy. If you tell them they’re going to be great human beings that will bring good into the world, they will. That really stuck with me.

–reese witherspoon

Raise your hand

I saw this in another blog today and thought it was touching…just a simple gesture to show that you are not alone in whatever it is you are going through:

Raise your hand if you feel overwhelmed, if something is bothering you, if you have a secret struggle. Feel free to share your worries or just say “Raising my hand!” Feel free to leave your comment anonymously, if you’d like. Let’s show each other that we’re human and all in it together.


This life thing is hard. My struggle is different than yours, no worse, no better, maybe not equal, but we can all share in the feeling of not being enough, being stretched to thin, the weight of the world sitting on our chest, or deep overwhelming grief and pain. You are not alone.

we are all human, and in it together

Don’t take life to seriously…you’re not going to get out of it alive anyway.

6 Months


Half  a year already…my life looks so different now.


It makes me incredibly sad how fast you are growing, but everyday you have picked up something new. You are learning and growing so quickly.


You now sit on your own, we’re experimenting with solid foods, you are fearless and go after what you want. You will have a tooth pop up any time now and with in the next month, I think you’ll be mobile.


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You’ll be a year old in the blink of any eye…but you are my baby and the best thing that ever happened to me. 10944390_10203929493619852_2124250432182309009_n

Things that touched my heart

Little tid-bits that stood out to me recently:

1.  “you won’t remember the way you healed my broken spirit. The way you completed my heart. I was weak before I had you and you made me whole again.”  -Huffington Post “You won’t remember”

2. You aren’t giving up, you are moving on

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