Behind the Scenes at Luichiny’s Spring 12 campaign shoot

Last month the Luichiny Marketing team headed to North Carolina for our Spring 12 campaign photoshoot. We chose Professional racecar driving twins Amber and Angela Cope as our ambassadors this season. The first location was a super glam, competition theme with the girls playing pool and poker. The second location was right in their arena, we shot at their car garage. The photoshoot was AWESOME and we are super excited to start blasting these photos. Here are some behind the scenes images.

 Getting ready…an early start to the day
 The Shoes are all lined up

 Marilyn: Good vs. Evil
 First shot of the day
 It takes a whole village to get this done
 Organizing the chaos
 This was by far the coolest room I have ever seen in a house. This glass room is actually outside. A spiral staircase leads you to the patio on the roof.
 A change of scenery as we headed to the garage
 Angela Cope’s car featuring the luichiny logo.
 Thats me!

 Bringing glamor to this male dominated sport.

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