St. Louis’s Best Kept Shopping Secret

Today’s post is about my work and the little hidden gem inside of our corporate office in Earth City. 

While our brands our internationally recognized, almost NO one in St. Louis knows that we have a store inside of our office that exclusively offers our Bronx, Diba True and Luichiny brands.

Let me give you a little tour:

When you walk in the door at 3630 Corporate Trail Drive, take a look to your right. You will see our current season selection of shoes along with some great accessories like hats, bags, wallets, jewelry etc. We often host events here and have a great program where you can host a shoe party.
That’s right…an entire PARTY just about shoes!! 
You bring in some drinks and appetizers and your girlfriends and we provide the venue, music and great discounts on shoes!
Now here is the part that will make any shoe lover’s heart melt. 
Take a deep breath.
Our clearance room. It’s not just any old clearance room, its a room filled to capacity with shoes and boots with a permanent discount of 4 pairs of shoes for $100 or 2 boots for $100.
I don’t know why the word hasn’t gotten out yet. I think the St. Louis ladies that know about Bronx Diba keep it a secret so that no one else has the same shoes as them. But the secret is out there now, so come give me a visit!

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