St. Louis in the Spring

Welcome to St. Louis, Missouri. The land of Bi-Polar weather.

In the last month we have experienced a snow storm that left 11 inches of snow on the ground, bitter cold, beautiful sunny 60 degree weather, Tuesday reached almost 80 degrees and last night a tornado hit dead center where I grew up and passed through my dad’s neighborhood.  And this morning is a crisp 45  degrees.

Where the rest of the country has mostly packed up their winter clothes, we in St. Louis know better and our closets are overflowing with Winter, Spring and Summer clothes. Its not uncommon to experience all 4 seasons in a week this time of year and last nights storm was just the beginning of our crazy Spring weather.  Before we know it, the sweltering  110 degree weather with 100% humidity (and no rain mind you) will be upon us.

Here are some pics from last nights storm. Thankfully my neighborhood didn’t experience any damage and all of my family and friends made it through ok.


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