I can’t imagine what state of mind a human must be in to harm innocent people in mass quantities. It’s not a personal vendetta against someone who hurt you, its a plan to go out and inflict pain on men, women and children you have never met. To kill people…without regard to human life. I don’t understand.

We can blame it on the lack of proper care and attention to our mental health system (which is true), but there is something inherently dark and evil in these people who perform these acts, how can you inflict so much pain, not only to the innocent people directly involved, but their families, their neighbors, their town’s and this country that suffers so much already? The people who do these things, bring pain into the hearts of AN ENTIRE COUNTRY with mindless actions. And they always hit where it hurts the most, at a time when we celebrate, at our schools and our churches, at times and places where there should only be joy, and they are forever marred by sadness.

Pray for Boston today, and remember Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, Columbine, 9/11….keep those victims in your heart today too, because every time this happens it’s a sad reminder to the families and friends of the victims of every other massacre in our time. Just pray today. 


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