Biker Chick

If you don’t know me you may be surprised by a hobby of mine….I ride a motorcycle.
My dad is a biker. Full on fury tattooed grey beard. 

He has ridden a bike my whole life, so biker rally’s, poker runs and long road trips on the back of the bike are natural to me. 
I never thought that I would be a biker, but my graduation from my dad and step-mom was my very own big girl bike. I got off to a VERY slow start. One would think that having been on bikes my whole life, I would be comfortable with the thought of riding by myself, but I was terrified.
I rode around the parking lot the first couple of times. Then around the circle in the front of my dad’s house for a few weeks. I then spent the next few months riding around the neighborhood and finally took the big step to cross Lindbergh road. I’m still not comfortable on the highway, but I officially consider myself a biker. 
I am also part of a Motorcyclist Rights Organization (MRO) called Freedom Of Road Riders (FORR). “The main purpose of this organization is to guard the rights of all motorcyclists; to keep them informed of the laws that will help or hinder them as motorcyclists; to promote safety, rider education, brotherhood and freedom for all motorcyclists.”
The Day I got my graduation present
My very first ride
Some bonding time between me and my step-monster


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