How Does the DISC Personality Test affect your style?

Personality and Your Clothes
Direct Personality: Someone who takes charge and is a good leader.  You like to keep busy and you’re somewhat of a perfectionist.  Your perfect outfit should be comfortable but stylish.  You need something that is wearable, but says I am in charge. Direct women are very focused on their accomplishments and want to appear successful.
Suggested outfits: Colored slacks with a cute tank, pair it with a jacket that you can take off when you are running around telling others what to do.  A small heel is preferred or flats since you live a very fast paced life style

Influential Personality:  Someone who lives in the fast lane and loves to be the social butterfly.  Your main goals are your ideas and you love to discuss these ideas with anyone and everyone.  You need something fun to express your outgoing personality, but professional so people will take you seriously while you network. Influential women love bling and color. They want that piece that makes other women say OMG, I love your….
Suggested outfits:  A flowy, printed skirt is your key piece.  Pair it with a chic blazer and some bohemian jewelry and you will be free to fly.  Beaded sandals always go with a printed skirt, but you can also try some summery wedges for a more professional look.

Steady Personality:  Someone who keeps to their routines.  Not much changes from their day to day lifestyle and they like to keep it this way.  This type of personality gets along with almost anyone and loves to help others.  You need something that is considered staple merchandise and can be paired with numerous different outfits. Steady personalities are often very family focused, and want to wear something that is easy and versatile, but trendy.
Suggested outfits:  A basic white T that can be paired with a colored skinny jean to bring a little fun to your outfit.  Pair this with chunky black jewelry and a pair of black suede heels and you will be good to create a new outfit in your life.

Cautious Personality:  Someone who is very analytical and likes to know the facts about any situation.  You like others who are like you and you like to keep the peace.  You need something structured and color coordinated that says I have everything under control. Cautious women buy quality, staple pieces. They are often budget conscious, but are willing to pay more for something that will last a long time.
Suggested outfits:  A matching pant suit in a dark blue, a white button up to pull out a neutral color and a pair of beige shoes that shows off your conservative side.  Pair it with either silver or gold jewelry accents and you will be able to take on any question that is thrown at you.  
Do you fit into one of these categories? Many women will cross over into two or three categories. I, for example, am an Influential/Steady personality. I LOVE wearing jeans and a T-shirt, but will almost always complete that outfit with a great pair of shoes or super blingy earrings. 

One thought on “How Does the DISC Personality Test affect your style?

  1. Looked at it backwards. Which one most represents how I dress? apparently I am a direct personality. I wish I could at least feign surprise…;)

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