Listen to Your Mother 2013

Last Saturday, I spent the day at the Listen to your Mother show at St. Lukes Hospital. Women from all over the St. Louis area came to listen to the inspiring stories of moms. Stories covering everything from overcoming heart-wrenching tragedy to having “THE talk” with your kids filled the room with joy, inspiration, and the feeling that you, as a mom, are not alone.

Even though I am not a mom myself, this event gave me a great understanding of what I put mom own mom through, and what all of my mom-friends struggle with daily. It made me laugh, it made me cry and it made me proud to be a woman, knowing that one day, I will take part in this miracle of having a life in my hands.

My favorite stories were the funny ones. The ones where you are told that it’s ok to lie to your kids, poop happens and the hilarious one liner from  Laura Edwards who ended her story with “of course not honey, you don’t have to kiss a penis….unless you want jewelry.”

I look forward to taking part in this event again next year and hearing new stories from new panel of speakers.


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