DIY- Dreamcatchers

I Love dreamcatchers. I think they are so unique and beautiful and represent a piece of my heritage that makes me love them even more. I took a personal day to unwind and relax yesterday, and nothing makes me relax more than crafting!
A few summers ago I made a point to learn how to make these and I was so surprised to learn how easy it was! I love the traditional leather wrapped and feather versions, but I quickly learned that that gets expensive fast. After a quick trip to the dollar store, I found these grape vine wreaths that look just as great.
 Here are a few images that show how easy it really is. 
To get started you will want to wrap your dream catcher in leather or string, or just use a grape wreathe, like the ones pictured above.
Then all you need to learn is the stitch and repeat until you reach the center. You can add beads and other trinkets as you please.
Then just knot the middle, add some hanging embellishments as you wish, then you are done!.


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