Bling Ring-A movie review

Wednesday I was invited to a private screening of The Bling Ring. I was super excited to see this movie since I was obsessed as this story was unfolding in real life. I began watching E! Networks, The Pretty Wild, unknowing of the fact that a few short days after the launch of the series, one of the stars would become a main suspect in the Burgler Bunch.

 The Bling Ring follows a group of teens from California as they burglarize celebrity homes. I became an instant fan of this film for a few reasons:
 1. It is a HUGE improvement over the awful Lifetime movie that aired a few years ago. It’s an actual movie, with a story line, character development, and humor.
2.  This movie had some really great humorous moments, if not just for the fact that the scene was so rediculous, you can’t help but see it as funny.
3. It puts you into the shoes of a robber. It was amazing to me to see that for some of the characters, this was an adrenaline rush, an opportunity to be part of the group, or the act of invading someones privacy was normal and no big deal to them.

Overall, I thought that many of the actors chosen to play the burglery suspects were a great choice, with the exception of one.

The character Sam was supposedly based off of Alexis Neiers “sister” Tess Taylor. She looked NOTHING like her and her acting was just off. I was not a fan.

Overall, I thought this movie was pretty enjoyable. I don’t think someone who doesn’t have interest in celebrity or reality TV would be particularly interested in it, nor would most guys, so go see it with your girlfriends and marvel at the real life, unbelievable, closet of Paris Hilton.

Me and Olivia after the movie!

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