Ahhh….Summer Vacation

I just returned to my regular work week today, after 8 wonderful days of sunshine and beach. 
Last Friday, I set out on a 15 hour drive with my boyfriend’s family to Florida. We stopped for the evening in my birthplace of Jacksonville. Growing up, my mom always pointed out to my brothers the hospitals where they were born. In my 25 years of life, I’ve never been able to see that place since I left it. It was super exciting to me to see the signs for NAS Jacksonville and the long bridge that my mom told me used to freak her out, and put my toes in the sand in the same beach that I did at just a week old. 
Saturday morning I woke up super early to catch a sunrise before we left for our final destination:
Saturday afternoon, we headed out for the final 3 hour journey to Indiatlantic. 

Indiatlantic is a small town, just outside of Melbourne that is known for its beautiful beaches and sea turtles. Though I didn’t see any, June and July are nesting season and the turtles can be seen all over the beaches. Orlando is about 45 minutes away, but this little city seems to be nestled away and there weren’t too many tourists on the beach.

I spent most of my days on the beach. We took a few tours of some surf shops and went out to dinner a few times, but boogie boarding and suntanning were just what the doctor called for in my book.

We went to dinner at a restaurant called Squid Lips, that was good, but not amazing. But there was a fun little pier that we walked down after for some photos.

We also found this little gem where you could eat just off the beach  called the Beachside Cafe. The intro image is from the balcony where we sat at lunch for 2 days. I had some appetizers one day and the chicken wrap the next. The chicken wrap was DELICIOUS and everyone else left completely satisfied as well. I took a bite of Ricky’s lobster Ruben which was to die for. I will definitely visit Beachside on our next visit. We had our goodbye dinner at Petrillos Italian Eatery the Friday before we left. The food here was great too. Ricky and I chose a few pizzas to try out. 
4th of July Ricky and I sat out on the beach all day, while the rest of the family went for an airboat ride. That evening we sat on the beach and watched fireworks being shot off in every direction as far as our eyes could see. 
Besides a little sun poisoning, this was a much needed vacation and I can’t wait to go back!

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