Jamberry July Newsletter

Summer is here.

It’s time for vacations, sandals and bright colors. Jamberry is a great option for summer, because you can put them on your nails and don’t have to worry about the up keep. Keep your nails looking bright and fun with the July Sister Style exclusive nail inspired by ice cream!

Looking to earn a little extra cash? July is the perfect time to join the Jamberry Team! Jamberry is offering a rebate for new consultant kits, a new and improved payment plan and a new website! We have news of some new additions to the Jamberry line this fall, and of course, the exciting new fall line will be arriving shortly. Email me for more info today!

Be sure to check out my website and the host exclusive nails.

July is National Ice Cream Month, so our Sister‘s Style this month is inspired by our favorite frozen dessert — Fruit Sorbet! It’s the perfect mix of sweet and cold that makes it a special summer treat. Hosting a party this month? Why not serve scoops of your favorite flavors that match these colors and add an interactive element to your party. Stay cool

July is the time to sign up for Jamberry Nails

Consultants that sign up in the month of July can earn a $50 rebate when they earn their First Month Goal with Jamberry Nails.

You can also use a hostess reward credit to earn $50 off of your consultant sign up kit.

Message me for more information about joining the Jamberry Team

July: It’s hot summer red with shooting stars for our July Host Exclusive. Summer is upon on us and so are the newest celebrity trends as they begin shifting their seasonal wardrobes. Think bubbly and bodacious this summer. Hot trends are stars, stripes and polka dots in a la American style!

August: Its all about lace this Fall season with the delicate fabric landing on everything from colorful dresses to sexy metallic pencil skirts. Jump-start your Fall wardrobe with Jamberry’s take of the lace trend in our design for the August Host Exclusive.

September: Fall geometric patterns are not only eye-catching, they also add a modern twist to your wardrobe. With school back in session, enhance your geometry knowledge with the help of our gorgeous September Host Exclusive. This rich colorful geometric wrap will be all the rave for the fall/winter season and will compliment any outfit.

You can view the whole Spring 2013 catalog here:



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