Ultimate Wrap Challenge

Would you take the ultimate wrap challenge?
This is one of my favorite things to see. This challenge is the exact reason I began selling  Jamberry Nails. I tried one sample of Jamberry, to use as a statement nail, and painted the rest with my favorite nail polish. By the end of day one, my polish had already chipped and by day 3 was almost gone, but my Jamberry nail looked brand new. 
Since there are so many new nail stickers/wraps on the market, people always wonder why they should purchase Jamberry over the other brands. 
The picture above shows wraps from: OPI, Avon, Sally Hensen, Jamberry and Essie. As you can see, by day 4, almost all of the other brands were chipped/gone, but Jamberry looks new.  This is because Jamberry is NOT polish based. Jamberry uses a state of the art vinyl/adhesive product that lets the nails stay on for up to two weeks. Since there is not polish, the wraps will stay useable for up to a year ( maybe longer), with the other brands, once you open the package the polish dries out with in 48 hours.


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