NYFW essentials

New York Fashion Week is among us.

Though I won’t be attending, here is my go to list for any fashion week:

Shoes: you need something beautiful, but practical. Being in New York you will be on your feet a lot. Try the Diba True Jet Way.

iPad Mini- small enough to fit in your bag, big enough to keep you connected to the world. Take notes, pictures, live social sharing, etc

Portable charger: they are worth the investment. They will keep you plugged in a little longer, to keep you connected to the world. You’re in the city that never sleeps, don’t let your electronics end your night early.

Jamberry Nails Mani: You need your nails looking great at all times, why put your trust in a product that will chip or ruin your nails? You’ll be looking as good as day 1 all week long.

Sunday Somewhere sunnies- they are beautiful, practical and durable

Lipstick: try e.l.f’s matte lipstick. Even if you don’t have a second to freshen up, a good lip can change your look.

Business Cards (with a cute holder, of course)
Notepad and pen- to take notes
A great bag: something big enough to get you through the day, but pretty enough to use at night
snacks: for some reason, there is only ever time to eat one meal in New York, curb the 3 o’clock drag with some almonds
LBD: dress up, dress down..you need one

What is on your NYFW list?


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