My open letter to Congress

To Whom it may concern,
I am a white, christian, 18-34 year old female. Pro-choice, pro-legalization, pro-gun, pro-gay marriage, pro death penalty. While my opinions may not be popular, I represent the majority.
I am a voting, ANTI congress, pissed off AMERICAN.
Since coming to voting age, I have witnessed an incompetent, inefficient government that is fueled by money, lobbyists and the prestige of  a position, rather than your  jobto represent the voice of the people; your constituents.
Your inability to protect the welfare of the American people, shows me that you are incapable of the duties assigned to you as a member of congress.
I beg of you not to seek re-election,  that you do the American people a favor and step down from your position. This government failed us, and we want representatives who will fight to protect our rights, our finances and our well being. 
 I want a functioning government. I do not care to see MY America made a fool to the rest of the world by representatives who have lost sight of their purpose.
By allowing my government to be shut down in opposition to a health care bill is unacceptable. To play a game, to teach your opponents a lesson by creating a showdown and putting my finances, my taxes, my healthcare and my future in jeopardy does NOT represent the good, nor the will of the people.
You have failed at your job. We will replace you with someone who keeps the will of their constituents in mind in their decision making, rather than the pockets of a lobbyist.
We the people would kindly ask that you vacate your office so that someone who is capable of this position may take over.
Amanda Brown
St. Louis. MO

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