Fancy Pants

What other time of year can you dress like a sparkly fancy pants and be snuggled up casual all in the same day? Only in the winter is fashion this much fun!

Here are some of my essentials to make it through the holidays and the cold weather:

An embellished LBD.  The Little Black Dress is always a staple, but it can get boring fast. Mix it up a little and grab one with a little extra detail. The Holidays are the perfect time to go over and above. 

 Sparkly tights. This is by far, my favorite holiday staple!  They are classy, young and fun all in one, plus your grandma will be so glad to see that you are actually wearing tights under your dress. Believe me, the no tights trend is the Croc of our grandparents generation.  You legs will always look 1000 times better, and thinner, in a pair of tights.

 Pearls! This classic is hard to incorporate into your everyday closet with out looking stuffy or like you are trying to hard.  Add a little ambiance and some Christmas tunes, and they fit right in.

The classic pea coat. There is a reason that  this style coat has been

around for a few hundred years. It’s functional. You will stay warm and this classic silhouette is perfect to dress up for your holiday party or keep it casual for a day out. 

 A big fluffy sweater. Its big, its comfy, its warm. Throw it on with some leggings and your favorite boots…BAM….instant stylish outfit.

 SCARVES….glitter scarves.

 Finally, duh, FANCY PANTS. If you try to rock a gold sparkly pant anywhere except a concert or to meet the latest teen sensation, you will be that girl. You know the one who is still wearing butterfly clips and baby doll t’s like we did in middle school.  One month out of the year (plus New Years) you can rock glitter, shiny anything. Go for it. and don’t forget the Champs


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