Grammy’s Wrap up

The grammys aired this past weekend. It was definitely one of the best in the last few years.  The fashion on the other hand was pretty boring compared to past years. With some stand out winners, the rest was just so-so.

Here is a round up of the best and worst.


Chrissy Tegen looking great in this metallic gown. 

This one is almost a miss. I think her hair is a little to “done” for this dress, and in any other venue it would not work, but it’s perfect for the Grammys

Ciara rocking the best bump this season, hands down

Taylors Chain Mail dress was stunning

The guys provided the most daring looks this show, many stepping out in color, like John Ledgend in this Navy Gucci suit. He wins extra points for his super soulful rendition of “All Of Me” my favorite song right now. 

Amber Rose showing of her post baby body with dress hugging all of the right curves. 

Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis rocking these daring tailored colored suits. 

Daft punk. All of their looks have been perfectly tailored and their footwear ROCKED.

Fantasia-This is just a mess

Paris Hilton-From the front this was a great dress. From the back it was no good and the zipper makes this look messy


Paula Patton needs a new stylist. She is Gaudy. When your man looks so classic and elegant you should match that. Plus this isn’t your show-you are his date, don’t overpower his look. 

Pharrel. We all know that this hat was a disaster and was great promo for Arby’s and the Canadian mountees. But can we talk about the fact that you are wearing an adidas track jacket, jeans and dirty shoes to an awards show, where you are nominated SEVEN times. Class it up a little. Ok, A lot. 


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