Making my wardrobe last as my bump gets bigger

I’m officially at the halfway point in my pregnancy and my bump is beginning to grow, which means that my regular clothes are starting to become really uncomfortable.

I’m trying at ALL costs to avoid looking like this:

But, as a mama to be on a budget—like no budget for clothes— I’m trying to make my everyday clothes last as long as possible. I’ve invested in a couple of pieces to make my wardrobe expand a little further, but not more than $60.

My Investments:

A new Bra- My boobs exploded a full size with in weeks of finding out I was pregnant. I went to Target and spent $15 on a new one The only reason I didn’t buy a $9.99 bra is that they didn’t have my size!

Belly Band- They feel a little weird, but you leave your pants unzipped and place the belly band on top of them and your pants will still fit for a little while.

Maternity Jeans- I found a pair similar to these at Gordmans. At least one pair is worth the investment.

What I’m not spending money on:
Tank Tops- I have quite a few long tank tops in my wardrobe already that will be accompanying me through this preggo journey. They are great to wear under tunics, or under just about anything and will make sure that my ever growing belly will remain covered at all times.

Leggings- ! They are life savers at this point. Most days I just don’t want to wear pants, so I don’t! Top to bottom they stretch and they are comfortable. I did buy a pair of thicker yoga pants so the material looks a little nicer, but my $5-10 leggings have made quite a few appearances in my wardrobe lately.

Cardigans and tunics- I love comfortable, casual looks, so I have tons of this style shirt and they should fit me throug most of my pregnancy.

Maxi Skirts/dresses- Since I’m expecting a summer baby, I will probably live in these in the last few months of my pregnancy.

Some styling tips to help get me through:
Monochromatic: I’m currently in a stage where if you don’t know me, you might not know that I’m pregnant. To stay away from feeling fluffy, wear all the same color! It’s slimming no matter what your size since your eyes aren’t drawn to one part of the body over another.

Patterns- Stripes, poke dots, flowers etc. Add some interest into your outfit and they will help camouflage some of your spots that you would like to draw attention from.

Embrace the bump: remember how frumpy women in the 80’s looked because the maternity dress code was a moomoo. Boxy, loose, and lifeless clothing is not sexy. Don’t be afraid to dress your bump and show it off.


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