Today I am feeling overwhelmed. I realized last night that I am in the back end of this pregnancy and I’m not prepared. My relationship is on the rocks. I’m broke. I don’t have anything I need for the baby. I’m broke (again).

I got into a fight with the boyfriend on the way to work today. Being pissed off at 9am is not a great way to start. So, I’m sitting in my cube..looking pissed off and unsocial (I wear this face really well)…and the ever lovely, unsolicited, mommy advice avalanches in.

Oh aren’t you so excited for the 3 months of maternity leave?
Me: no, I’ll be taking the 6 weeks allowance and might come back part time for two weeks after that
oh, well at least it’s paid
me: no, you only get part of your paycheck on leave
well aren’t there laws against that? can your parents help you? what are you going to do? cant you get state assistance? cant your boyfriend work? cant you do anything? It’s super hard you know, like really hard, here is a list of all of the horrible things i went through when I had babies back to back at 19.

OMG shut the F(#* UP!  Someone please have a bottle of wine for me….and please gift me with alcohol once the baby comes.


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