15 lessons from my mom



As Mother’s Day is approaching and I am due with baby number one, I’ve been contemplating things I learned from my mom about motherhood. Here are 15 things I learned from my mom.


1: Your warped sense in music will rub off on your children. Both of my parents have very eclectic taste in music. By the time I was a toddler, I probably knew the lyrics to more songs than I did sentences. Thanks to my mom, I have an appreciation for The Gogos, The Ramones, Billy Idol, and Beethoven. My iPod contains everything from Patsy Cline to The Shins and Pink Floyd to 2Chains.

2: A good set of friends keeps you sane. My parents had kids in their early 20’s. My mom’s best friends from high school were 2nd family to us. Their kids were some of my best friends. They experienced all of their adult lives together everything from kids to divorces. My mom had people to celebrate and to grieve with. It helped that all of the kids were relatively the same age, so we were banned to the basement while our parents had adult time upstairs. I’m positive that this time away from the house and us kids kept her from running to the nut house on more than one occasion.

3:  A good body image gives you confident kids. My mom isn’t the most confident person in the world, she has the same body image worries as everyone else….but I never knew that as a kid. My mom never talked about how fat she felt, or “dieted.”  That’s important.My mom never showed me what it meant to feel ashamed in your skin. I am super confident in my skin. I’ve never been on a diet and I have always stayed with in a healthy weight.  It’s ok to have that bowl of ice cream and if you really want that fatty fried food, have it. When you deprive yourself of food you want you are going to end up binge eating it later, so have a little now and enjoy!

4:  Have a special thing with your kid. My mom and I were involved in Job’s Daughters together. We had numerous trips and time where just her and I got to bond. I got to see my mom as a real person and as a friend because we had an activity to do together, just us.

5/6:  A good laugh, and a long sleep are the two cures for anything. My mother is a firm believer in naps. She is one of the best nap takers on the planet. She is also a firm believer in making light out of a bad situation. This irish proverb was taught by action in my house.

7: Don’t be in such a rush to grow up. It’s nothing but bills and taxes.  Don’t be afraid to play and have fun.

8: There are no hand outs in life that come for free. No one is going to hand you the perfect life. Even if you are presented with a great opportunity, it’s just a stepping stone. Take advantage of it, but work even harder to keep it. I come from a working family. We work hard just to get by with the essentials. Never turn down a good opportunity, but know it’s just that. You have to fight to keep it.

9: Education is worth pursuing. My mom pregnant while she was in college. A new baby meant that she dropped out and went right to work. The second she had the chance (I was about 7) my mom went back to school and earned her degree.


10: Vacations don’t have to be expensive. Some of our best family vacations were spent a  weekend away camping.

11: It’s ok to break the rules every once in a while.

12: Take a walk on the unbeaten path. You never what you are missing by staying on the treaded one. We often took the scenic route home (ie mom was lost 🙂 ) My college tour  was given by my mom, we literally knocked on her old dorm room to take a look around to see where she lived and all of the places she visited when she attended.

13: Terrible twos are bullshit. They turn into terrifying threes. Or so I’ve heard. My mom said I woke up with horns on my second birthday and they remained until my 4th birthday.

14: Accept the fact that you will turn into your mother. My Great-Grandma was batshit crazy. My mom claimed all the time, that her mother acted just like Grandma….guess what? My mom, now acts just like her mother, and I know that I’m doomed. I’m just glad in the fact that we have a relationship where I can call her out on acting like her mom.


15: A red cup is the international symbol for there is a big nasty bug under there.  Rather than have a creepy crawly on the loose, muster up enough balls to trap that sucker and let everyone know it’s there. They die eventually and you can just sweep it up.

285446_1994881833839_1297230178_31812768_6766231_n AmandaDoreneEaster1994   IMG_0997 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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