Listen To Your Mother


Bronx/Diba sponsored shoes for the second annual Listen to Your Mother Show. Last week, all of the cast members of the show held a shoe party to pick out the shoes that they would wear during the event.

Here are some of the images from the party:

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Last Saturday, I attended the Listen to Your Mother Show at St. Luke’s hospital.  Being the day before Mother’s Day, I invited my mom to come out and listen to the stories about motherhood with me. Women from all over St. Louis submitted essays about their experience of motherhood. This year’s theme seemed to cover the topics of alternative ways of becoming a mother. There were quite a few stories of adoption, single mom by choice, or IVF treatments. The sentiment remained the same, motherhood is a joyful and sometimes painful experience.

Here are my favorite stories:

Andrea Goldstein’s story of how her daughter talks to dead people made me cry. She said that her daughter often has conversations with her grandmother. In a separate conversation, her daughter said that she had spoken with another departed relative, in Heaven. When she was there, there was a room full of all of the babies, and behind the door is where all of the grandparents lived. (Queue tears). This one hit very close to home as I lost my grandfather a little over a year ago, and I really wish that he would have been able to meet little Ethan. The thought of my baby having the opportunity to be embraced by all of his ancestors before he makes his grand entrance, warms my heart.


Stacy Haberstroh told the story of how she became a single mom by choice. Her 20’s and 30’s were filled by focusing on career and “network dating.” Her funny overview of her journey, from picking a donor and throwing a FAB baby shower had everyone in the room laughing.


Kait Kettmann told the heartbreaking story of her experience adopting children from Africa. The broken system had her family bonding with a child, only to have him ripped from her arms and told that she couldn’t take him home. The story has a happy ending though, she was finally able to break through the system and a few months later, she was able to reunite her family.


Ann Breidenbach had the room in tears, telling her adoption story in six chapters. As a teenager, she put her little boy up for adoptions and walked us through her feelings of emptiness, only to receive a letter when he turned 21 and they finally reunited.


Laura Edwards-Ray returned this year to crack up the audience with stories of her daughters. This year’s kicker came with announcement from her 11 year old, that after watching Teen Mom, she had come to the conclusion that it was time to shave her pubic hair.


I will be a regular attender of this event for many years to come. This year’s event was much more meaningful to me as I am preparing to become a mom myself, and I can’t wait until next year when I physically can relate to all of these moms and what they are going through.


Read about my experience with last year’s show here.




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