Budget Friendly Shower Gift

This weekend will be full of baby shower madness. Saturday, I am attending a friends shower who is about a week behind me and then my shower is on Sunday. I’m so excited to spend a whole day with all of my favorite girls and get as much advice as possible.




As an attendee it is always daunting to pick out a baby shower gift.  While it is always recommended that you purchase things off a mommy to bee’s registry (she picked all that stuff out for a reason), I myself am a terrible registry purchaser. I hardly remember to RSVP,  and I almost always lose the invitation, AND I wait until the last minute to purchase a gift. So, after many baby showers, I have a little go-to gift when I can’t remember to be a responsible gift purchaser.


Mommy’s always need essentials, so I often head to the dollar store (remember I said I love the dollar store!) and pick out a super cute basket and hit the baby aisle for things like bottle brushes, baby spoons, Vaseline, baby shampoo, teethers, and bottles. I stop by the nearest Target, Walgreens or Walmart and pick out a package of diapers and taa-daa, I have a really useful gift, that I actually spent less than $20 on.


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