Cult Classics




I was speaking with some girls in my office about movies one day and it blew my mind what a difference a few years in age makes when it comes to movies you watched growing up.


Granted, my parents made sure we were well cultured in all things movies and music, I was blown away that people just 3-4 years younger than me have never seen Now and Then, Clueless or Mrs. Doubtfire. So I gave them an assignment with the list of movies that they need to watch to become more cultured.


Here is the list:

Mighty Ducks

The witches

Hocus pocus

Drop dead fred

Harry and the hendersons

Babysitters club


Bill and ted

3 ninjas

Stand by me

Neverending story

Now and then

The craft

Weekend at bernies

Teen wolf

Little monsters

Mask—the one with cher

Howard the duck



Who framed Rodger rabbit


Mrs. Doubtfire

Waynes world

Edward scissor hands

Dazed and confused

Animal house

Fast times at Ridgemont high


Sixteen candles

Breakfast club

Weird science

Pretty in pink

Ferris bueller

Steel magnolias

St. elmos fire

Risky business

Revenge of the nerds

Police academy

The lost boys

Mystic pizza


Being john malcovich

The big lebowski


Thelma and louise

Witches of eastwick




Tu wong fu




Some newer movies to add to the list:

Mean girls


Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion

My Girl

Legally Blonde

Practical Magic

What movies shaped your adolescence?


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