“Men” Today


What’s up with the 20 something men today…no achievement…entitled..using..irresponsible…substance abuse….manipulation…

Over and over and over again I hear stories from my girlfriends about these great guys they are dating who are in school have a job and a car take them on dates smooth talk and are awesome.  Then the second they get serious move in together it all falls apart. And people wonder why we don’t want to get married.

Strong independent women keep getting reeled in by these guys. Do they have a class in high school or something that they learned how to snag us?

Did we miss the course on how to avoid these guys like the plague?  Were there warning signs we all missed?  Is there an infestation of them here in St. Louis? I don’t understand how so many of us got roped in and then WHY we find it so hard to leave when everything goes downhill.

If you know the answer let me know because there are a lot of us gals out here…


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