The Perfect Man


My Granny gave me a homework assignment, to write down everything I want in a man…everything…so here we go

tall                                                        handsome

strong jaw line                                   strong nose

dark hair                                              light eyes

fit…but not too fit                              nice

has good values                             will love my Ethan

family centered                              loves animals

rides a motorcycle                            strong hands

nice arms                                                active

likes art and reading                       creative

successful                                        goal oriented

FUNNY                                        friendly

sociable                                       dresses well

cares about his appearance            can cook

loves to hang out on rainy days           has a good group of friends

believes in god                                    gentleman

chivalrous                                will sweep me off my feet

will love me as much as i love him

will support me in my career                        gentle soul

sensitive                                            in touch with his feelings

conversationalist                          takes initiative

adaptable                                no drugs

good listener                    leader

not jealous                            direct

faithful                                   honest

mature                                      confident

optimist                                  respects parents

patience                                       reliable

trustworthy                            attractive

financially secure                           hard working

balanced                                        spontaneous

protector                      will put as much into the relationship as I do

traveler                      full head of hair

nice package           social

likes to go out      equally ok staying home

lives on his own        believes women are equal

accepting         not judgemental

good teeth             present




What qualities does your perfect man have?


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