My Nectar List



A few weeks ago I re-posted about a nectar list (the items you’ve crossed off of your bucket list) Here is my list


Valentines Day with a Rockstar

Met Jay Leno, Alyissa Milano and Wynona Judd

Picnicked by a waterfall

visited crater lake

been to the grand canyon

walked on the Bonneville Salt Flats

Walked through the Redwoods

Watched Fireworks along the coast from the beach on 4th of July

Swam in oceans on 3 coasts (Atlantic, pacific and Gulf)

Watched the sunrise and set on all 3 coasts

Learned to ride a motorcycle

own a motorcycle

Rode in a Porsche and a viper

had a baby

Fell in love..for real

Ran in the Miss Missouri Pageant

Got into my dream school…and left

Walked over the Hollywood Stars

Have been inside, and got lost in a Beverly Hills Mansion

Stalked Regis Philben in a cab in NYC

Did a photoshoot inside a NASCAR garage

Was the center of a national footwear shoe campaign

Went to Disney Land

Watched a concert on stage, looking out to the crowd

Had an intellectual conversation with an alternative rock band about religion..they were athiests

Stood in the center of Times Square

have the same Best Friend since I was 5

was Honored Queen in my Bethel in Job’s Daughters twice

Managing 5 brands marketing initiatives by 25.

Received a ticket (and unsupervised probation) for Bootlegging



What items can you add on your nectar list?



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