In the waves of change we find our true direction. | Kimberly made this with


Change has defined my life these past few months. My life literally was turned upside down and in two defining moments everything I knew in my life was gone. One piece of this change is the most difficult but amazing, beneficial gift I’ve ever imagined. Being Ethans mom literally saved me from a life altering state of depression.

In the matter of a few weeks, my love, my home, my finances, my choices were taken from me. The life choices of another individual affected my life in such a negative manner that my life revolved around them and their lies and manipulation. The end of my pregnancy was not enjoyed nesting a building a nursery, but instead were full of worry, fear and at 9 months pregnant, packing up an entire house on my own. This stress, i’m sure, is the reason that I went into labor two and a half weeks early.

Its amazing how at the bottom of your misery, god will reach down and wrap his arms around you and help you begin to climb up again. I was surrounded by family, taken in by my aunt, my aunt and uncle moved my house into storage for me and my little Ethan kept me focused and sane. I’d been praying for months for the answer on what to do with my life, and while it felt like my life was crashing down around me, it was actually the answer to my prayers.


It’s amazing because now that my life looks so different, I want to have a drastic change in the other sectors of my life. I want to start fresh in all places of my life.

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