Desire Map Lesson-Stop Fighting

When we stop struggling to make something go the way we want it to, our energy shifts. We surrender to what is and we become willing to face the facts –and we become present.


I’m going to stop fighting this because

I want peace more than anything.

I’m going to stop pushing this, because

I’d rather do something that’s way easier.

I’m going to change my mind, because

I’ve thought of something else that’s much more fun to do.

I’m going to change my approach, because

I think I’ve found a much better way to go about getting what I want

I’m giving up the fight because I want to be free.

Sometimes it’s ok to realize that what you are chasing may not fit into your life anymore. Maybe it inspired you for a while, maybe it was exactly what you needed at the time, but it’s not right for you anymore….and that’s ok

Some infinities are bigger than other infinities

-John Green the fault in our stars.


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