Desire Map Rapid Fire Questions

Your greater purpose will evolve out of a deeply rooted inner passion you won’t be able to shake even if you try, and it will drive you to achieve spectacular results.  Make this metamorphosis happen in every area of your life—starting today.

Whats Different About me:

I love fully  • I like Why Nots? • I give it my all • I feel good when I make on the fly decisions • I ride a motorcycle • My personality is yin and yang • I want stability as much as I want life to be different and exciting • I know I will get there

What I do most Naturally:

forgive • mother • care • laugh • smile • create • love

What I do even though I don’t want to

spend • compromise • deal • back down • shy away • stay quiet • deny my worth

This reminds me of who i am

create, art, music, nature, quiet, ocean, me time, just being, sleep

this depresses me and weighs me down

compromising my values, depression, tiredness, exhaustion, pressure, to much to do,

The best advice I’ve ever given,

if it makes you happy, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks

The best advice I’ve ever received

Ask why not

I get through tough times

because I have to- i know it won’t be bad forever

When in doubt

pray, sit in silence, make a list, follow your first reaction…or the second.

My joy comes from

Ethan, nature, quiet, art, laughter, friends, sillyness

I value

time, me time, unplugging, honesty, trust, real relationships, a soul conversation, instant connection

I believe in

joy, the small things, experiences, true love, infinities, god, divine intervention

i’m dead set against

living in unhappiness, debt, mindlessness, just existing

what I know to be true

none of us make it out alive

in the end, you are the only one who has to live with your decisions

i’m in control.


2 thoughts on “Desire Map Rapid Fire Questions

  1. I love this. I’d love to fill in each section and do some deep thinking around this. Mind if I share this post and my version of it on my blog?

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