On Joy and Happiness

Friend, find me, because one, we'll understand, and two, we can sit and revel at the outstanding beauty and synchronicities all around. Perhaps we’ll share poetry or take hikes, or contemplate life, or geek out sharing our favorite photo:) ❤️☀️

The color of joy: Bright, sunshine, clear blue, coral, yellow

The sound of joy: belly laughs, cheers

The scent of joy: fresh snow, right before it rains, the ocean

Love smells like: a great dinner, a baby, mom’s perfume

In my body, appreciation feels like: warmth, fast beating heart, a deep breath, an ear to ear smile

I know i’m happy when: I feel light, breath comes easily

I’m greedy with recriprocation

I’m proud of my journey

When I engage with people, my most frequent motive is humor

I’m  trying to impress myself

In crisis, I fight and push through

I stop being generous when, its misused or undervalued

What moves and touches me deeply is creativity, love and genuine connection.

My most regular walking thought is that I need something more

My favorite feelings are contentment  and joy

No matter how old I am, jumping in puddles and dancing in the rain will always put a smile on my face<3


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