On leaning in and Workplace confidence.

I’m a feminist. I strongly believe in women’s equality in the workplace and am vocal about my rights.


I’m not confident in my self.

I struggle to answer what my strengths are and never have been able to confidently and comfortably say what I bring to the table.

It sucks because I feel SO confident 99% of the time until I have to talk about myself. I have a new opportunity on the horizon and when asked what I bring to the table I could only answer with projects that  I have worked on and my physical experience. Not my inner qualities, not the extensive knowledge that I have with over 10 years in the corporate world, or that I run a marketing program successfully with almost no budget for an international multi-million dollar corporation.

So the other night. I sat down and researched…what do Marketing Managers do and as I’m reading through the descriptions…I read, yep I do that, I did that, I know a ton about that ….I now have my list and it feels so GOOD!

What does Amanda bring to the table?.

brand management

branding initiatives

new product development


event management

website maintenance

social media content calendars

social media management and creation

contributing writer

community outreach

vendor relationships


business plans

Small budget marketing initiatives

promotional product development (giveaways etc, branded bags etc)

Some times 10 minuets and a little outside inspiration are all you need to bump your confidence.

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