I’ve finished reading the Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte.

Here are some #Truthbombs that really stuck out to me.

1. We don’t value inner attunement as much as we value outer attainment

2. The Point of life is happiness ~Dali Lama

3. We can alway find a way to justify soul-less goals

4. What you seek is seeking you ~Rumi

5. When you are clear on how you want to feel, you can be open to what life wants to give you.

6. Seriously, it does not matter what they think

7. Be willing to Bite

8. Setteling for crumbs doesn’t keep you fed…it keeps you starving

9. I want to be useful. I want to be respected and visible and I want to be a healthy kind of wealthy.

10. Decide to rise

11. When we stop struggling to make something go the way we want it to, our energy shifts. We surrender to what is and we become willing to face the facts

12.  We make goal to avoid pain or seek pleasure…only seek pleasure

13, When you meet resistance on your new journey, remember, I’M CHANGING- your body/mind needs more time to adjust

14. When you feel good, goodness flows

15. How we relate to people is how we relate to life.

16. We accept the love we think we deserve

17. If you ever find yourself in the wrong story – Leave

18. Decide what it is you want. Write that shit down. Make a fucking plan. Work on it. Every. Single. Day.

19. Name it to tame it.

20. Don’ take any shit.

21. Eclipse your fear

22. Don’t say maybe when you want to say no.

23. Raise your standards and the universe will meet you there.


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