My Core desires

My Core Desired Feelings

Savor- I want to savor life. I want to feel it, smell it, touch it, breathe it, be it. I want to have that MMMMM feeling in everything I do.

Unbroken- perfect, complete, wild, intact, whole, undistrubed, undivided, properly belonging.

I'm beginning to think that more sculptures should come out of walls.

liberated-free, not bound by anything

Core Desired Feeling: Vital #DesireMap

joy- happy, positive, laughter, optimism, lightness, delight, satisfied, luxury

Core Desired Feeling: Wholehearted #DesireMap

overflowing- full, generous, elated, passion, shared, to good to keep to yourself

Core Desired Feeling: Vital #DesireMap

A secondary phrase that really touches my is

Sacred Silence- I love this because I find so much peace in just sitting in silence, especially out in nature. It grounds me, it helps me work through my stuff and it just feels good.

float on.

How do you want to feel?


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