30 things i want to change by 30

1. Be debt free- have all of my stupid debt paid off….

2. Create and live off a budget

3. be a work from home mom

4. have my own business….or be well on the way to that

5. travel outside of the united states

6. have my own place again

7. find my tribe

8. go on a trip every year

9. have a job i love

10. be in love again

11. foster great relationships

12. have a plan to pay off my student loans

13. pay off my car

14. cherish my time with ethan

15. figure out how to grow up, not grow old

16. throw a great dinner party for friends

17. do something truly exotic

18. throw myself a huge birthday party

19. learn how to make a great drink

20. go on a road trip

21. work out regularly

22. write a book

23. visit memphis

24. visit new orleans

25. visit new york and vegas for fun…not work!

26. celebrate mardi gras

27. take a trip with my best friend

28. learn how to make a difficult dish from scratch

29. go on a helicopter ride

30.  play hookie for a day.


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