sunset girl

I know exactly what happened… got scared you were getting in too deep and were looking for an out.


You knew about my heartbreak and you knew you weren’t ready for me. So why did you keep me around so long? Mr. Scared of Commitment, you introduced me to your circle and they all liked me and were shocked that not only did you bring a girl around, but you brought me around multiple times. I became your longest relationship in 7 years, we shared interests, we could hang, we were good….and you got scared.


But instead of talking to me, or giving me any clues you threw me out so disrespectfully. You tossed me aside like some fling that never even mattered.

No warning, no signs…nothing.

I matter and I deserve better. You could have loved me, I could have shown you something you’ve never experienced before. Instead, you chose to go down the unfulfilling path that you’ve been on for so long.


So to you sir, fuck off and I bid you adieu


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