I hate not talking to you.

I hate that is was so easy for you to just cut me off. I’m struggling so intensely not to fall and  be the one that tries to call your first.

I dreaded the thought of dating so much and then I met you and didn’t have to.

I went on a date last night and it was terrible. He was nice enough but not what I wanted. I hate small talk and the initial stages of getting to know someone. I hate that I wasted a night on something that will never work..

I know you’re not right for me and that it is for the best that it ended when it did. But I’m sad and angry and I feel this hole in my heart again.


I just want my person and I want to feel happy and fulfilled.





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  1. Hi, I read your writing. I sense that you are in some pain from the date you had. Here’s my advice as a friend. Choose not to hate that date you just had but rather embrace and learn from it. You are strong and you will get through this.
    I’m praying for you.

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