2016-07-25 07.42.00.jpg


My Dear Little Boy,

Where has the time gone?


So much has happened in the last two years. You have grown from a precious helpless little bundle that fit in the crook of my arm, to a running, jumping, speaking (and Back-talking) human.

You are a Leo in every sense of the sign. You demand attention with your breath-taking looks and outstanding personality. Everywhere we go, people comment about you. They mention how adorable you are, or how well behaved, or what a social butterfly you seem to be.

You are loved by so many. By friends by family, by extended family, by strangers. You capture hearts where ever you go. It’s magic to see.

2016-01-31 23.29.11

You have been nothing but a gift to my life. I’m filled with gratitude that I am the one who gets to show you this journey in the world. I watch you grow daily and your wonder-filled eyes as you soak everything in. Even when you are testing my patience, you get to the very end of my rope and reel me back in with a request for a hug and a big smile. You have a contagious laugh and have already shown what a caring intuitive soul you are.

You saved me. When you were born, I was lost and broken. I thought I would never come back. You gave the the strength to fight back to find myself. I’m bigger than I was before. I fight harder and I’ll never let myself lose again, because of you, I knew I had to be the best version of me possible….because you deserve all of my heart, not the broken pieces of it.

2016-07-03 18.12.29

Thank you boy. I love being your mommy xoxo


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