30 by 30

In 2015 I wrote a list of 30 things I wanted to change by 30…here’s how I did.

1. Be debt free- have all of my stupid debt paid off….–as of TODAY I paid off the last of my stupid debts. I still have a car payment and student loans, and one credit card…but anything in collections is OVER. I’m so happy to be done with that part of my life.

2. Create and live off a budget–Working on it. I try really hard to live by a budget. I’ve started tracking my spending using an online app and have plans to take a Dave Ramsey class.

3. be a work from home mom–I’ve started two businesses that have my 3 year plan to be able to quit my job.

4. have my own business….or be well on the way to that–CHECK. I started a tshirt dropship business and now operate I Wink STL- a lash extension company and am starting to teach classes.

5. travel outside of the united states–CHECK- I went to Mexico

6. have my own place again–almost CHECK- I have a contract in on a house. I’m praying to be a home owner before by birthday next week.

7. find my tribe—I’ve always had my tribe—I’ve been surrounded by a group of great women from a very young age.

8. go on a trip every year—since I made this list–CHECK–I’ve visited South Dakota, New Orleans, Cancun, and this year will go to Tennessee and hopefully the beach.

9. have a job i love–CHECK- my full time job has gained a lot of responsibility and benefits that I’m happy there again and I’m well on my way to being a full on business owner.

10. be in love again–CHECK- and engaged

11. foster great relationships—CHECK—I think I’ve pushed out all of the negativity in my life. My circle is small and appreciated.

12. have a plan to pay off my student loans—not check, but I’m paying on them regularly so big steps

13. pay off my car—not check- but I’m working to pay it off a year early

14. cherish my time with ethan—sometimes check—I know these days pass by quickly but I get lost in the trenches sometimes. I love that boy and I try my best.

15. figure out how to grow up, not grow old—The last few years have taught me a lot. I value my time and happiness above all else now…I think I’m on my way to this one.

16. throw a great dinner party for friends—A thousand great girls nights CHECK

17. do something truly exotic—I’m still waiting on my jungle expedition or trek across Europe, but I’ve taken my life into my own hands and I think that’s pretty exotic.

18. throw myself a huge birthday party—My mom is doing it for me…but I love birthdays and I’m really looking forward to 30

19. learn how to make a great drink—I can make a pretty killer martini and a bad ass sangria

20. go on a road trip–CHECK– I took Ethan to see Mount Rushmore and went to NOLA with my mom

21. work out regularly—not so check–but I try and I eat better these days

22. write a book–not check, but I have an outline for a novel and the write ups for about 3 ebooks–working on it

23. visit memphis—drove through it

24. visit new orleans–CHECK- mother daughter trip complete with tattoos

25. visit new york and vegas for fun…not work– i haven’t made it back to new york, and though technically It was still for work, I flew out a couple days early to vegas and enjoyed time to myself!

26. celebrate mardi gras–not check-maybe next year

27. take a trip with my best friend—me and Ali have yet to get our road trip—one day soon I hope

28. learn how to make a difficult dish from scratch—check- I perfected my lasagna and have made quite a few dishes since this original post

29. go on a helicopter ride—not check, but I FLEW A FREAKING PLANE which is way cooler

30.  play hookie for a day.—lots of checks….one of my favorite things is playing hookie and having a mommy and ethan adventure day. I’m planning one in the next week or so.



I did pretty good so far…plus there are a million other experience’s i’ve had that I couldn’t even have thought to add to this list.


Goodbye 20’s. I sure learned a lot from you. I learned about love, partied with rock stars, got lost and came back stronger. I became a mom, took responsibility for my life and learned a lot of tough tough lessons.

I’m ready for my next decade. I’m ready to take it on with open arms.